But first let me take a selfie..

I was wrong, this is why the internet exists.

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Baby squirrel fell out of a tree; was rescued

Little baby squirrel cast is why the internet exists.

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I want to be a parody DJ named Squirrelex.

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One more level until I finish Monument Valley. I don’t want it to end.

Just finished, this game was amazing.

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Presented without comment.

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I’ve realized that you can’t really hack someone’s tumblr like you can on Facebook. On Facebook you can update a status to say, “I like dick in the eyeball,” and everyone would be freaked out. On tumblr, people would be like, “yeah man me too.” Then post a gif from supernatural.


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Characters from Candy Crush Saga, the game from King Digital, greeted the company’s initial public offering at the New York Stock Exchange last week. The shares dropped 16 percent on their first day of trading.

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That picture says it all, they deserve it.

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A bunch of sagely economic wisdom ➝

Life is not a contest to see who can accomplish the most. It’s simply a series of days where your goal is to wake up, have a great time, and go to bed even happier than when you woke up.

Damn straight.

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Sometime’s the world is a tough place, the days get to you and the nights drag on, so here’s a story of a pet penguin who goes shopping.

Happy Saturday!

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To anybody watching, THIS is how you freakin run a business ➝

In 2013, two extremely unusual Model S collisions resulted in underbody damage that led to car fires. These incidents, unfortunately, received more national headlines than the other 200,000 gasoline car fires that happened last year in North America alone. In both cases, the occupants walked away unharmed, thanks to the car’s safety features. The onboard computer warned the occupants to exit the vehicles, which they did well before any fire was noticeable. However, even if the occupants had remained in the vehicle and the fire department had not arrived, they would still have been safely protected by the steel and ceramic firewall between the battery pack and the passenger compartment.

Cool, very cool, but I mean, the media says collisions are dangerous, so…

It is important to note that there have been no fire injuries (or serious, permanent injuries of any kind) in a Tesla at all. The odds of fire in a Model S, at roughly 1 in 8,000 vehicles, are five times lower than those of an average gasoline car and, when a fire does occur, the actual combustion potential is comparatively small. However, to improve things further, we provided an over-the-air software update a few months ago to increase the default ground clearance of the Model S at highway speeds, substantially reducing the odds of a severe underbody impact.

Hey, you can’t just take away my second amendment right to drive with my car as low to the ground as dangerously possible!

Nonetheless, we felt it was important to bring this risk down to virtually zero to give Model S owners complete peace of mind. Starting with vehicle bodies manufactured as of March 6, all cars have been outfitted with a triple underbody shield. Tesla service will also retrofit the shields, free of charge, to existing cars upon request or as part of a normally scheduled service.

Ooh, free stuff, ok, sold.

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