Use Picks to Help You Find a New Selection for Your Book Group ➝


It’s that night you get together with your book group to drink wine, talk books, and decide whether or not you’re on Team Darcy or Team Rochester. The night begins to wind down.

"Well…" says Beth, who no one remembers inviting. "We need a new book for next week."

She gets up from her chair,…

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Puck's 8 Great Ways To Use Picks ➝


Picks makes discovering, sharing, and finding new favorite movies, restaurants, books, music, apps, and podcasts a matter of a few taps.

Here are a few of Pucks’s suggested great ways to use Picks.

  1. Send a great app recommendation to your friend. “Hey, @markzuckerberg, have you heard of this…

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Ex-presidents: alive, well, and extremely sassy on the Picks app.

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Lord Voldemort is a master of making food-related Picks lists.

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We're featured on Product Hunt! ➝


If you could take an internet trip over there and throw us an up-vote, that would be not only lovely, but extremely appreciated!

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What the Puck to Do When Things Go Wrong ➝


When an app is first launched, sometimes things can go a little haywire. Maybe you can’t find a particular movie you want to add to your “Baseball Movies With Ghosts” list. Perhaps you get an error message when you try to Broadcast “The Haunted Catcher’s Mitt.” Or maybe the spirit of an early…

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How to Make a Great Picks List ➝


So, you’ve downloaded Picks and now you’re asking yourself, “Now what? Should I make a list? If so, what kind? There are so many possibilities!”

We’re glad you noticed. We worked hard. Now, let’s make some lists.

  1. Decide what you’re interested in. If you aren’t sure, go to the Internet and…

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1.0 is just the beginning ➝


Hello there! We’d like to introduce ourselves and tell you about what Picks can do.

Joe, Natalia, Bethany, and Puck (our porcupine mascot) are the folks here at Picks. We just released our iPhone app, and we’re crazy excited to finally be able to share this with you. We’re trying…

We made this for you, so go enjoy it!

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We’re featured on Betalist


We’re launching this week, and it’s now featured on Betalist. Share and sign up, and remember we love you all and such,

Do it!

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Today July 25th is my hedgie Samus’ first birthday!!!! ;0; and look who arrived to the party :D

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