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2 suggestions for Flickr’s [wonderful] new iPhone app

  1. I absolutely love the auto-upload mode. The one tweak I would make is have a setting that allows me to not upload screenshots (shots of resolution 640x960 or 640x1136.

  2. As you scroll through a list that’s a pushed screen, the back button stays at the top of the screen as you’d expect, but the list of images scrolls over it. As a result, if you want to get back to the previous screen, you have to scroll to the top. There are two ways to rectify this, one of which is show the back button when you start to scroll back up. The better, and easier solution is to support iOS 7’s interactivePopGestureRecognizer, which would allow a user to pop back no matter how scrolled down they were.

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if you knew me in 7th grade I’m sorry

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Stony Brook’s list of notable alumni seems to be missing me, weird.

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We’re looking for an iOS engineer who loves music and wants to help make keezy in Brooklyn, New York.

Talent > experience. 

If you are that person, or know somebody, please say hello! keezy@elepath.com

We’re working on melting some faces with keezy, and we need some help.

Do you love gifs and giving people seizures with said gifs? elepath has the answer for you!

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But first let me take a selfie..

I was wrong, this is why the internet exists.

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Baby squirrel fell out of a tree; was rescued

Little baby squirrel cast is why the internet exists.

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I want to be a parody DJ named Squirrelex.

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